Colorado Water Plan

About the Colorado Water Plan

In May of 2013, then Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper directed the Colorado Water Conservation Board to commence work on the Colorado Water Plan. This plan offers a strategic vision for a productive economy that supports vibrant and sustainable cities, productive agriculture, a strong environment, and a robust recreation industry. It provides the strategies, policies, and actions by which Colorado can address its projected future water needs in a manner consistent with this vision. This plan will be accomplished through collaboration with basin roundtables, local governments, water providers, and other stakeholders. It represents a set of collaboratively developed policies and actions that all Coloradans and their elected officials can support and help implement.

In 2015, as part of a statewide initiative to develop Colorado’s Water Plan, the Colorado Basin Roundtable completed a Basin Implementation Plan to address water needs within the main-stem Colorado River basin in Colorado.

Learn about Implementation

Read the Executive Order & Colorado Water Plan

People love Colorado. Our population has ballooned from 1 million in 1930, to over 5 million today, and is projected to grow even faster in the future. Sustaining this growth requires water. How do we preserve what we love about our state alongside population growth?

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